Avoid 7 Mistakes In Investing For Beginners

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Anthony Robbins (2015), in the book Money Master the Game, argues that most investors don’t invest. Many investors do not enjoy the benefits they should get from their investments, but we cannot guarantee that their investments will always be profitable. This may be due to a lack of knowledge about investments and related information, and a lack of investor awareness of illegal investments.


Evo sedam pogrešaka koje treba izbjegavati početnicima koji će ulagati

1. There is no clear investment goal

Investing requires clear goals. Invest and decide what you want to achieve. Raising IDR 50,000,000 for a child’s college education fund, or raising IDR 500,000,000 for retirement at age 60, is an example of a real goal. Most investors, especially beginners, do not have a clear purpose to invest. Most of the time, I just participate, but I don’t know how to invest.

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2. Unrealistic risk

In an investment, risk is always directly proportional to the growth of the return on investment. The more money you invest, the greater the risk. Many investors are tempted by unjustified returns, especially when the risk is minimal. Don’t be tempted by unreasonable income promises.

Make sure the investment institution is licensed by one of the licensed institutions (Bank Indonesia, Financial Services Agency, Commodity Transfer Regulatory Authority (BAPPEBTI), Cooperatives, and Ministry of Small Business).

4. Focus on the short term

Long-term investments are generally profitable, but they are relatively long-term and require patience. Many novice investors focus only on short-term profits, but the duration of the product depends on the type of investment and the duration of the investment.

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5. Do not diversify your investment

Be kind and don’t put all your money in one investment product. If your product goes bankrupt, you are at greater risk. You need to diversify the different assets you own and share risks in different ways.

6. Don’t concentrate on the plan created

Another thing that can hurt your investment is the lack of focus on the goals you set. Maintaining is more difficult than achieving wealth, so you need to be disciplined so that your investment goals are not obscured.

7. Decision making is too early

This is a common mistake for novice investors. If you get too excited without careful consideration, you are more likely to make the wrong decision and less likely to make a profit.